Ogilvy Cape Town: BookMark Winners 2011

Last night was South Africa’s Bookmark Awards. The Bookmarks Awards recognises the very best in Digital – the pioneers, the change-agents, the ones that make a difference and raise the industry standard. Ogilvy Cape Town managed to walk away with 8 awards, three Bronze, two Silver and three Gold Awards. Below are the case study clips for the winning work.

Volkswagen Polo GTI: Date Drive

Date Drive Walked away with 2 x Bronze Awards for the Social Media category and best use of Online Video Category, 1 x Silver Award for best Microsite, and 1 x Gold Award for best Integrated Campaign. Congrats to all involved from Ogilvy, and a special thank you to Bridget Harpur from Volkswagen.

Carling Black Label: Be The Coach

Be The Coach walked away with 1 x silver for best Mobile Site and 1 x Gold for best Integrated Campaign. For South Africa getting mobile marketing right is key, congratulations to all the team from Ogilvy Cape Town involved with this, as well as a big thanks to Andrea Quaye from the SAB Carling Team.

Volkswagen Golf R: Reflex Test Game

To help Launch the new Golf R we created a game to test your reaction times to see if you were fast enough to handle the Golf R (the site was available as an interactive banner ad & website). To play the game go to: http://golfr.vw.co.za/. Congratulations to all who were involved at Ogilvy Cape Town and a big thank you to Tarryn De Klerk from Volkswagen.

Volkswagen BlueMotion: Donated Space

The Black Eagle has become the industry’s most coveted local print advertising accolade. On Friday we became the proud recipient of only the 6th Black Eagle ever to be awarded. The Eagle awards have been going since 2006 and were started by Independent Newspapers, in order to do something proactive to promote and develop exceptional print advertising in South Africa. They are now used as the benchmark for print advertising in SA.

See the work below and congratulations to the teams involved both at Ogilvy and Volkswagen:

It’s all about giving a little bit back. Eco-conscious BlueMotion technology

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BlueMotion is Volkswagen’s more technologically advanced environmentally friendly range. For the print campaign, we asked our client to donate part of their very expensive advertising space to small, eco-focused non-profit organizations who really needed the exposure. The non-profits benefited from getting their message out there, and BlueMotion proved itself as a brand that doesn’t just talk, but takes action.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Cape Town, South Africa

Volkswagen Brand Manager: Bridget Harpur
Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Prabashan G. Pather
Copywriter: Sanjiv Mistry
Account Management: Lauren Baker, Jason Yankelowitz, Greg Tebbutt

Volkswagen: Jetta, Easy Rider

Recently the new VW Jetta launched in South Africa, above is our new Ogilvy Cape Town commercial for its release.

Chris Gotz: Executive Creative Director
Jacques Massardo: Writer / Creative Director
Gareth McPherson: Art Director / Creative Director
Anthea Beylis: Television Producer
Jason Yankelowitz: Account Director
Greg Tebbutt: Business Director

Erik Van Wyk: Director, Bouffant
Melina McDonald: Executive Producer, Bouffant
Shannon Gloyne: Producer, Bouffant