DPSA: The Union Buildings

In a country with many social and welfare problems, the plight of disabled people in South Africa is often ignored. This film was a direct appeal for help from the DPSA.

The final scene is shot at South Africa’s iconic government headquarters, The Union Buildings, on World Disability Day – December 2011.

There were several incredible things about making this ad. First and foremost, the lead character, Noma-India Zenzile, is such a determined and inspirational woman. She easily overcame the difficulties of travelling over 1400km in taxis and trains from Cape Town to Pretoria as a disabled person. And, as she overcame each of these difficulties she showed us, the crew, just how challenging it is to be a disabled person in South Africa.  Even the smallest things, like making one’s way down a train aisle, getting onto a taxi, ramping off a pavement or going to the toilet become a serious undertaking. So while we set out to make an ad that would help disabled people’s cause in South Africa, each of us also left with a deeper, more meaningful understanding of what it actually means to be disabled in this country. It was a serious learning  experience and a massive eye-opener. Great thanks must go to Noma-India. Hopefully all her incredible efforts, and her very relevant message will not fall on deaf ears.


  1. Character: Noma-India Zenzile
  2. Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
  3. Art Director: Justin Enderstein
  4. Copywriter: Cuanan Cronwright
  5. Agency Producers: Kamilla Nurock, Mike Wood
  6. Production Company: Let it Rain Films, R.E.C
  7. Producer: Sam Kelly
  8. Director: Lee Doig

Stimorol Infinity: Neverlasting Love

Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Associate Creative Director: Anthony Walton
Copywriter: Dean Paradise
Art Director: Emma Butlin
Every year, tens of thousands of young, confident and, well, horny students descend upon the sunny and shirtless shores of South Africa for their post high school Matric RAGE. For them it’s a holiday made for weekend hook-ups and meaningless relationships. We were asked to promote Stimorol Infinity, the gum that goes on and on, at Stimorol’s countrywide Matric RAGE parties. But how do you promote a long lasting gum at an event where everything is so short term?
We created the Stimorol Infinity Neverlasting Love Chapel – because nothing lasts as long as Stimorol Infinity. Thousands of clubbers were hitched Las Vegas Style in their very own frivolous and tacky marriage ceremonies. Once married, they received a Neverlasting Love Marriage Certificate, a wedding photo, a spouse (if only for the night) and the shock, horror and congratulations that come with
changing your Facebook relationship status to ‘Married’.
Thousands of people experienced a night to remember. Or forget. And even more people uploaded photos, changed their profile pictures and commented on friends’ relationship statuses. The Stimorol Infinity party became the most well attended in the history of Rage. And we proved that Nothing lasts as long as Stimorol Infinity. Not even love.

Classic Graça & Lion matches ads from Ogilvy & Mather RS-TM

Roger Makin is one of the fine gentlemen that originally founded Ogilvy in South Africa (previously called Rightford Searle-Trip & Makin, or RS-TM for short). He still has an office in our creative studio to this day, and chats to the young creative teams that surround him on a daily basis. Recently during a conversation he showed me three wonderful old adverts we did for previous clients Graça wine and Lion Matches. The Graça Wine ads are from 1983 when the wine first launched, and the Lion Matches ad is from 1975. Enjoy.

Credits: Copywriter: Roger Makin, Creative Director: Brian Searle-Tripp