Volkswagen: Tiguan Explore Tab

To try it out go to:
The above campaign recently won Ad of the Month from the Creative Circle here in South Africa.

To help position Volkswagen’s new Tiguan 4×4 as a vehicle made for adventure
and exploration, we created a unique rich media experience on the South
African Volkswagen site.
The ‘Explore Tab’, prompts viewers to explore further. When users interact with the banner by zooming out of the website, they reveal that the Tiguan site is actually surrounded by numerous other working adventure websites. So you can figure your path to adventure right there and then. Because in a Tiguan, it’s easy to go anywhere and do anything.

Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Creative Director: Sergio Lacueva
Art Director: Sergio Lacueva
Copywriter: Dean Paradise
Digital Producer: Adrian Varkel
Developer: Michael Theron
Account Director: Jason Yankelowitz
Account Executive: Lance Dodgen