Happy birthday, Barbie

Did you know Barbie (real name Barbara Millicent Roberts) celebrated her 54th birthday this year?

Marie Claire recently challenged us to remodel the fashion doll as a positive feminist icon.


Barbie 2

Published in the August 2013 issue of Marie Claire.

Creative Director:
Chris Gotz

Art Direction:
Tanya de Jongh
Tammy Pearce
Nicola Clarke

Photography and Retouching:
Theo Klompje

Tommy Le Roux

Marie Claire: A Tape Measure with a Difference

Marie Claire Ogivly Body Issue Ad

Ogilvy Marie Claire 2

According to statistics two out of three women are unhappy about their bodies and weight.

It was this alarming statistic that prompted Marie Claire to approach local advertising agencies with a challenge for their November Body Issue: create an ad that sells the idea to the Marie Claire woman that we are all beautiful no matter what shape we’re in. To do this, Ogilvy Cape Town decided to challenge the very thing that was causing women so much anxiety – size.

These days, so much emphasis is placed on x’s & l’s, cm’s & inches, kg’s & kilojoules that women are no longer able to see what is there – beautiful, healthy bodies.

We wanted to give women a new, more realistic way to measure themselves, a tape measure with a difference that would change the way we perceive our bodies and think about size. To replace the standard measurements, we instead added words to the tape measure such as Exquisite, Ravishing, Spectacular, and Gorgeous.

Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Creative Director: Thandolwethu Silimela & Tammy Pearce  
Copywriter: Kate DesmaraisOgilvy Marie Claire 1