British Airways: #lookup Billboards


Rather clever use of digital billboard advertising by British Airways and the team at our Ogilvy London office.
As British Airways planes fly over the billboards, they trigger advertising creative showing real-time data of that plane, including destination and flight number. The billboard even uses data from a weather feed to get the cloud height, ensuring the plane is visible before showing the ad.

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

Incredible work from Ogilvy Brazil for Dove, our very own ECD Chris Gotz says it’s one of the best pieces of work he has seen for a long time.

They found that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful, and that women are their own worst beauty critics. To help show women that they are more beautiful than they think, Dove conduct a social experiment using a FBI-trained forensics artist, that explored how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see.
Watch more at:, & join the conversation at #wearebeautiful

Burberry’s Social Story

Wonderful video showing how the Luxury brand Burberry has been successfully evolving into a digital / social / mobile first retail company. The clip lets Angela Ahrendts, their CEO tell the story of how Burberry has been fundamentally changing the way they do business.

Great to see other companies first learning and evolving the digital culture internally, then translating those learnings into the public, is a smart way to go.

Excuse the punt, but great video none the less.

Louis Vuitton: The Greatest Words

Great work from the Ogilvy Paris team for iconic fashion brand Louis Vuitton. The ads pay tribute to The Greatest – Muhammad Ali. The below two greatest words spots are spoken
by word Artist Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), and calligrapher Niels Shoe Meulman and revisit the poems spoken by Muhammad Ali.

Visit the full experience at

Creative Credits: Agency : Ogilvy France, Creative Director : Kurt Novack, Art Director: Adrien Havet, Copywriter: Amandine Fabian, Video production : STEAM films, Director: Stuart A. McIntyre, Sound production: Apollo Studio (Yan Dal Santo).

NYC Rescue Mission: Underheard in New York

Well done to BBH, New York for their inspirational work above for The NYC Rescue Mission. They gave a voice to homeless people by giving them a phone, a twitter account, and then asked them to talk to people online about their day to day life. This post is filed under work we wish we had done.

Coke: Hug Me Machine

Wonderful work for Coca Cola by our Ogilvy & Mather They created and installed an innovative vending machine that gives you a free Coke when people hug it in a specific way! The machine was installed at the National University of Singapore, see how it turned out above.

Another Ogilvy office, this time China, recently tracked down the man behind the Steve Jobs Tribute Image and got him into the studio, below is his fantastic twist on a classic logo. The print is being used as posters around Shanghai. To read more on the story of how it came about go to hands poster

Work We Wish We Had Done

As an agency we continue to be inspired by the work of our colleagues and competitors. Here are three pieces we wish we’d done from Columbia, the USA and Germany.

Pictionary Photobooth Activation: Ogilvy & Mather – Columbia

Mentos “Cobra” advert: The Martin Agency – Richmond (Virginia)

WWF “Save as WWF”: Jung von Matt – Hamburg, Germany