2014 Mobile Device Stats

Below is an infographic on some of the latest mobile device stats. The data was put together by Strike Media, our Mobile marketing partner. Enjoy.
2014 Phone Stats

British Airways: #lookup Billboards


Rather clever use of digital billboard advertising by British Airways and the team at our Ogilvy London office.
As British Airways planes fly over the billboards, they trigger advertising creative showing real-time data of that plane, including destination and flight number. The billboard even uses data from a weather feed to get the cloud height, ensuring the plane is visible before showing the ad.

Infographic: State Of Mobile 2013

Need some new global mobile stats? Below is a new mobile and tablet related Infographic put together by Super Monitoring.
State of mobile 2013

Inspiration from Cannes 2013

Below is a deck we put together sharing some of the great work and trends from the 2013 Cannes Lions. The presentation was put together by Chris Gotz and Chris Rawlinson.

Infographic: The next Billion internet users

Interesting infographic put together from InternetServiceProviders.org showing the how, what, and where of the world’s next billion internet users. Africa gets a good mention with a prediction of 6.5% year on year growth for mobile internet connections from 2012 – 2017.  130802InternetUsersFINAL

MemeBurn: Digital’s Role in Advertising

Memburn’s Mich Atagana chats to our MD, Gavin Levinsohn, about the way Digital is changing advertising and the role it has to play in the space.

Infographic: The Future use TV

Interesting infographic put together by Guide, a company that has developed a platform that allows you to watch blogs much like you would a TV show.

They have looked at where TV is going, 2nd screen use, the connected living room, and more. Have a look below to see some of the new interesting opportunities that will likely be available to us in the years to come.Guide_futureTV__infographic_final_v2