#PoloTag: Spot.Tweet.Drive.Win.


Over the next few weeks #PoloTag will be hitting the streets of Jozi, Durbs and the Mother City to celebrate the launch of Volkswagen South Africa’s New Polo.
#PoloTag is the ultimate test drive, a Twitter tag game with real life implications.

Spot the car, Tweet @VolkswagenSA and you could test drive the car right then and there. But, beware… if someone spots the new Polo and tweets the location while you’re driving, your time is up and the next driver gets to take over. One of the top 10 drivers who stays behind the wheel for the longest might just win themselves the new Polo for a year.

To play #PoloTag, look out for the clues or #PoloLandmarks that will be tweeted by @VolkswagenSA from the three participating cities. To get a head start and find out more info on the routes and #PoloLandmarks – visit www.polotag.co.za

Introducing the VW Golf R: 0-100km in 5 seconds.

100km in 5 seconds, the VW Golf R is fast, seriously fast. To illustrate this to the unlucky bunch who haven’t had the chance to sit behind the wheel of a VW Golf R, we created a print ad that gives you the chance to, visually.

The idea behind the ad was to give the viewer the experience of sitting in the driver’s seat, feeling the road almost drop beneath you and accelerating from 0 to 100km in 5 seconds. David Prior, the photographer behind this print ad, loved the concept immediately. The final print ad was brought to life by Rob Frew who retouched it to perfection.
Golf R

Art Director: Katie Mylrea, Alexi Mccarthy
Writer: Kelly Tomes, Guy Lewis
Creative Directors: Jacques Massardo and Prabashan Pather
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz