Audi quattro – Dirt Road & Wet Road

We created a campaign that highlighted the new Audi models, which included quattro technology as a standard feature.

The great thing is, with quattro technology, you can safely drive on any terrain without worrying about the road being too wet or too tough.To communicate this, we captured aerial shots from 13 metres high, and transformed the Audi into a magnet with the terrain forming a magnetic field. So whatever the terrain, like a magnet, with quattro, the Audi will stick to the road.

Audi Quattro - Dirt Road Craft 74168-Audi Quattro Loerie Entry A3-50mm.indd 74168-Audi Quattro Loerie Entry A3-50mm.indd

Designers make brave anti-fashion statement

Blogilvy PostWe now have a short video to follow up our last post for the NSRI “Fashion To Live For“.
Life jackets are the “seatbelts of the ocean” but let’s face it, they’re just plain fugly. We held a fashion show to convince the image conscious to wear them. Fashionistas flocked to the exclusive NSRI Fashion To Live For show and we even had a standing ovation when real NSRI volunteers walked the runway with a strong message that lifejackets should be worn irrespective of what they look like.

You can check out the show in the video snapshot below.


On Friday, 19 June, we spent the day under the sun & on the soccer field with the boys from Percy Bartley House in celebration of Youth Month. This was followed by the devouring of a massive KFC lunch.

We’d like to thank a few people for making this possible:

  • Pierre van der Westhuizen + Kurt Paulse our sport and soccer champions + co-orindators
  • Kyle, Saul, Travis, Pierre, Dalu, Khaya, Qamani, Ben who took the time out to come and play with the boys
  • Haley and Lisa for coming along to help and support the team
  • Dalu for being the driver and transporting the boy to the venue and back
  • Theo Klompje who took the time out to take such great pics

Here are some photos from the day…

ME6A0731 ME6A0726 ME6A0717 ME6A0652 ME6A0644 ME6A0682

The Percy Bartley House (PBH) forms part of the Ogilvy Cape Town DoGood portfolio. PBH is a non profit organisation with the capacity to accommodate 25 young men between the ages of fourteen and eighteen years. Many of whom come from the streets, dysfunctional families, and often neglected.

#MannesInCannes wrap up Part 2

After two nights of ceremonies, nine categories at Cannes have been judged and suddenly we’re halfway through the festival.

As the categories continue to fragment, so the lines between them continue to blur. This was well expressed by the Outdoor Jury President last night when he said the vast range of work was what made judging exciting. Everything from a poster to an event or a filmed activation qualifies.

Juries at Cannes have always awarded cause related work. That trend is only getting stronger and every second winner was either work for a social cause or for a brand that’s effecting social change.

With the Glass Lion introduced by Cindy Gallup at last night’s ceremony, it’s clear that work that targets issues of gender inequality will be big going forward.

True to many a prediction #Likeagirl is turning into a huge winner, awarded Golds in Promo, Direct, Media and PR, where it also won the Grand Prix.

Vodafone’s Redlight Application, a Grand Prix winner in Media turns technology into a force for good to help women that are victims of domestic violence. Optus’ ‘Clever Buoy’ uses tech to create an early shark warning system for bathers. Innovation is also at the heart of the Grand Prix winning idea for Promo and Activation, which went to Volvo’s LifePaint.

Volvo scooped another Grand Prix for ‘Interception’. Ambushing the car brands that juke it out for share of voice on TV during Superbowl Sunday, they used competitive car brands strength in this traditional medium against them. As simple and effective as a well timed judo throw.

A very popular winner was Nazi’s against Nazi’s for Exit Deutschland. Flipping the idea of a march on its head, a bunch of very sheepish looking Neo-nazi’s found themselves in ‘the world’s first involuntary march’.

Check out Samsung ‘Samsung Safety Truck’, ‘The Marathon Walker’ and ‘Security Moms’ for other great ideas that come from simple and powerful insights.

So far SA has a clutch of bronzes, two of them from Ogilvy Cape Town. One for Terminal Velocity in Outdoor and one for Gloo@Ogilvy’s FNB ATM campaign in Media. Well done to all concerned.

Let’s hope Radio, a traditional stronghold for SA, comes through for us tonight.