Allan Gray. Stay Focused.

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Every year Allan Gray, one of South Africa’s leading investment companies, recruit the brightest graduates from universities around the country. Graduates more interested in achieving their long-term goals than the many trappings of campus life. Those with focus.

But there’s one problem… distractions. As a student, they’re in no short supply. There are the usual suspects: parties, guys, girls, and of course more parties. But it doesn’t stop there, online there are more still: Cute Animals, Grumpy Animals, Dramatic Animals, Thug Life Animals, Babies, Selfies, Epic Fails, Best-ofs etc. You name it, they’re waiting to distract you for hours on end.

What we needed was to separate focused students from those more prone to distraction. But how? By pitting them against the very things that prevent them from excelling.

We launched an all-out assault on campuses countrywide – an integrated campaign showcasing distractions in all forms: on posters, on campus radio stations, in emailers, on targeted microsites and even in a public library. Nowhere and no one was safe.

Allan Gray BlogilvyPosters on campus featured the likes of Grumpy Cat.

In addition to campaign specific radio ads, campus radio station DJs heard radio spots that talked to their very own distractions in the middle of their shows live on air.


University Social Coordinators received emailers directing them to bespoke microsites that exposed their biggest distractions.

We carried out filmed social experiments on unsuspecting study groups in a library.

All of our messaging led students to where they found out about the Allan Gray 2016 Graduate Intake and could apply to join the firm.

Amidst all these distractions, in the first month alone, we’ve had a 161.6% increase in applications than during the same period of last year’s campaign – applications from those willing to put their focus to the ultimate test: an opportunity to work at Allan Gray.

Volkswagen Moments

Volkswagen MomentsIn our latest Volkswagen commercial, we edited over 50 hours of one girl’s childhood video footage to demonstrate the importance of Volkswagen’s Safety Systems.
Chief creative officer: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Monique Kaplan
Copywriter: Oskar Petty
Production house: Deliverance Post
Editor: Anthony Lee Martin
Director: Robin Goode at Giant Films 

Volkswagen up! takes you places (The work)

Recently we helped our partner Volkswagen launch the New Volkswagen up!. It’s their new small car that gets you places, and is rather affordable (in South Africa you can buy one new for less than R135K).

Most of the work is out now, and it’s always great to get to do fully integrated pieces of work, so below is an overview that we thought we would share with you.


Volkswagen up! Website



Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 6.09.24 pm


up! Corporate up! Parents up! Windy up! Women

Volkswagen Genuine Parts: Haunted Road TV Ad

VW The Singing Children of the R33
Following the successful Haunted Road radio campaign, we launched a Haunted Road cinema and TV ad that flighted during the December holidays. The spot promotes the benefits of fitting Volkswagen Genuine Parts, and not breaking down on these scary roads.

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz
Copywriter: Dean Paradise and Cuanan Cronwright
Art Director: Matthew Pullen
Producer: Cathy Day
Director: Matthew Pullen and Dean Paradise
Editor: Andrew Pullen

Metropolitan Clash of the Choirs


For the second year in a row Metropolitan is sponsoring Clash of the Choirs, a reality show that gathers talent from communities to create some of South Africa’s best choirs. The 2 min TV Ad forms part of the sponsorship campaign. In the interest of believing in real people, the agency and production company, Picture Tree went in search of real talent within local communities. We discovered Nonhlanhla Msibi in Kliptown, an 18-year old girl with a big voice and even bigger dreams.

Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Creative Director: Tania Barker
Art Director: Yumna Sadan
Copywriter: Shameema Isaacs
Agency Producer: Iris Vinnicombe/ Jaco Du Plooy
Business Director: Sarah-Jane Viljoen
Production Company: Picture Tree
Director: Wim Steytler
Executive Producer: Gary King
Editor: Catherine Meyburgh
Sound Studio: We Love Jam
Sound Engineer: Graham Merrill
Post Production: Tessa Ford Post