Designers make brave anti-fashion statement

Blogilvy PostWe now have a short video to follow up our last post for the NSRI “Fashion To Live For“.
Life jackets are the “seatbelts of the ocean” but let’s face it, they’re just plain fugly. We held a fashion show to convince the image conscious to wear them. Fashionistas flocked to the exclusive NSRI Fashion To Live For show and we even had a standing ovation when real NSRI volunteers walked the runway with a strong message that lifejackets should be worn irrespective of what they look like.

You can check out the show in the video snapshot below.

The World’s first 1 Ton Coupon

1 ton couponThe Volkswagen Amarok is a tough pickup, so when we decided to give away a coupon for a free tow bar, we didn’t hand out just any coupon. We created the world’s first 1 Ton Coupon!
Most of our target audience don’t know that it is the only Double Cab automatic 4×4 pick-up in South Africa that can carry a one-ton load. The strategy behind the campaign was to demonstrate this toughness to potential consumers.
So we went to the place where you find lots of pick-up owners: Builder Warehouse , the country’s biggest chain of DIY stores. Pickup drivers are not easily impressed but it succeed to catch their attention. In the meantime on radio and online, we invited Amarok owners to redeem the coupon. It didn’t take long before we had an Amarok driver who was keen to show off the superior load capacity of his vehicle.
What was an immovable object for any other pick up, was a pretty simple task for the Volkswagen Amarok. By turning a simple promotional item into the world’s heaviest coupon, we gave Amarok drivers everywhere instant bragging rights.

Volkswagen up! takes you places (The work)

Recently we helped our partner Volkswagen launch the New Volkswagen up!. It’s their new small car that gets you places, and is rather affordable (in South Africa you can buy one new for less than R135K).

Most of the work is out now, and it’s always great to get to do fully integrated pieces of work, so below is an overview that we thought we would share with you.


Volkswagen up! Website



Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 6.09.24 pm


up! Corporate up! Parents up! Windy up! Women

Volkswagen #PoloTag

There’s a new Volkswagen Polo. From the outside not much had changed. But on the inside, it was like a new car. We needed test drives to get people inside the car. But test drives are boring and inconvenient.
We invented a social media game that everyone wanted to play: PoloTag.
For 6 days, in three major cities, South Africans could spot the new Polo around a specified route, tag it on twitter, and drive it, right there and then. The person who drove it for the longest, without being tagged, won the new Polo.

GoPro: Find the GoPro. Win the GoPro.

GoPro Competition
GoPro is the world’s most versatile camera. It can go anywhere: on humans, on strange flying animals, on down-hill board things, on neon hula-hoops and even on hipsters. We needed a way of showing off all its incredible features on, wait for it, radio.
Find the GoPro. Win the GoPro.
A real-time GoPro treasure hunt on radio and online that gave South Africans the opportunity to win a GoPro.

Ogilvy Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Matthew Pullen
Copywriter: Dean Paradise
Agency Producer: Cathy Day
Client Service: Vicky Hey, Scott Maxwell