ODMA Cape Town Round One Closes For 2011


The third workshop of Ogilvy’s Digital Marketing Academy (ODMA) has come to a close in Cape Town and, once again, was well received by all. As part of their project work the students are required to build their own online identity across social media platforms. This round saw Account Manager, Justin Sheard, create a blog where friends and fans vote between songs to help determine the sound of his band.

Another member, Ivan Colic, created an infographic site – Afrographique – which has drawn international attention.

ODMA Cape Town round two takes place later this year. If you’re interested in attending an ODMA course, or in having one run for your organisation, contact Dave Duarte here.south-african-linkdin-807x1024

How To Fridays

Ogilvy Cape Town staff have been looking forward to the end of the week ever since the start of How To Fridays (and not a moment before). Thanks to Chris Rawlinson – Ogilvy Cape Town’s own digital chap – Fridays are now punctuated with inspirational talks from guest speakers who have been breaking ground in the digital marketing world. So far we’ve been treated to the following:

  • Simon Back – Owner of Backsberg Estate Cellars, who together with his marketing team have built an impressive online community through their various digital campaigns.
  • Fred Roed – CEO of World Wide Creative and founder of the Heavy Chef Project, an organisation for practical learning within the digital world.
  • Nic Haralambous – Founder of the successful start-up, Motribe, a platform enabling users, brands, agencies and publishers across the world to build and manage their own mobile social communities.
  • Vanessa Raphaely – Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and editorial director of Associated Magazines. She is also the name behind well known blogger Hurricane Vanessa.
  • Tim Bishop – CTO of mobile marketing company, Prezence Digital, a company specialising in mobile marketing and innovation.
  • Paul Galatis – Co-owner of YuppieChef, the premium kitchen store that does things a little digitally.
  • Charl Norman – Co-founder of BlueWorld Communities, an award winning internet tech company that owns online destinations in the entertainment, motoring and dating space.


A big thanks to all the speakers. If you’re interested in speaking at a How To Friday, contact Chris here. Click through to watch videos of Ogilvy Cape Town’s How to Friday talks here.

Ogilvy Takes On The "Geekification Of The Ad Industry"

From left: Rob Hill – Group Managing Partner, Dave Duarte – Programme Director for ODMA, Gavin Levinsohn – Managing DirectorODMA-2-e1305099512458

Herman Manson from @marklives (follow him on Twitter here) introduces Dave Duarte in his more permanent role with Ogilvy Cape Town’s Digital Marketing Academy (ODMA).

Have a look at the article on Bizcommunity here.

Social Media And The CMO’s Dilemma

360-digital-influence1Efforts at socialising the enterprise are challenging marketing executives to think and budget long term, as they seek to harness the potential of social media. The biggest challenge for chief marketing officers today is striking the balance between actively socialising their brands and planning (and budgeting) for this effort over a longer time period.

The stark reality remains that embracing social media is not optional and that integrating it into the marketing and communications functions implies a deep transformation not just of marketing, but customer service, product development and even the way the enterprise benchmarks success.

“Ultimately the marketing executive’s dilemma is knowing what to budget in year two, three and onwards for social media. Everyone starts with experiments but struggle to fully understand the business value returned,” says John Bell, global managing director of Ogilvy Public Relations’ 360º Digital Influence business.

Evidence for this shift is mounting – social media will impact on how businesses market their products and services and run their organisations. Service organisations from Marriott to American Express are already seeing the marketing value behind social customer care. Every large enterprise from IBM to Unilever is wrestling with the risk and reward of their employees engaging in social media.

From the benefits of increased innovation to the risks of leaking intellectual property, senior business leaders want to embrace social media, but hesitate. How will global brands overcome these challenges? If social media is the wave of the present, then why aren’t more brands embracing this new discipline beyond experiments? Why are 20% of the organisations reaping 80% of the value?

“The question is: how do marketing executives know when social media is having a positive impact? How can they push for the most effective use of social media when that means coordinating across different discipline silos like PR, customer service and legal,” he says.

Bell says today’s marketing executives need to apply social media to their marketing mix, but they also need predictable gains. “After one to two years of experimentation, the CMO must pivot from letting a thousand flowers bloom towards adopting a guided, disciplined use of social media,” comments Bell.

His experience is extensive and under the Ogilvy Digital Influence banner, he has developed strategy and executed award winning programmes for clients such as Ford, Lenovo, Unilever, Intel and American Express.

Bell says social media is not just a new channel or a few extra degrees in the 360º approach to marketing and communications. “Social media represents a fundamental consumer behavioural shift requiring marketers to change how they market, how they are organised and how they measure success.”

Read John Bell’s blog here