Making the world a better place – One test drive at a time

What if you took an ordinary test drive and turned it into something extraordinary? Well, Volkswagen South Africa did just that with the Amarok Social Test Drive concept.

The ground-breaking concept takes an existing activity – the daily Dealership test drive of an Amarok – and re-purposes it into a highly beneficial programme of community interventions around South Africa which, in the process, provides a perfect demonstration of the virtues of the vehicle.IMG_6179

See the video below.

This is a brilliant idea which connects two important worlds in a seamless way that makes sense.

Nicholas Wittenberg, Ogilvy South Africa’s ECD of the Digital Portfolio believes the power of the idea lies in its scalability; “there’s no reason why every Amarok Dealer around the globe can’t do this quickly and easily which means there is a huge upside for ‘delivering’ social goods”.

See more videos here:




Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town creds:

  • Chief Creative Officer: Chris Gotz, Pete Case
  • Executive Creative Director: Tseliso Rangaka
  • Executive Creative Director. Digital Portfolio: Nicholas Wittenberg
  • Creative Director: Jacques Massardo, Prabashan Gopalakrishnan Panther
  • Creative Group Head: Justin Enderstein, Dean Paradise
  • Art Director: Matthew Pullen, Emma Butlin, Justin Enderstein
  • Copywriter: Kate Desmarais, Dean Paradise, Jacques Massardo
  • Senior Designer: Nick Mills, Jedd McNeilage
  • User Experience Specialist: Britta Graewe
  • Project Manager: Robyn De Beer
  • Frontend Developer: Michael Hanslo, Fanus du Toit
  • Managing Partner: Vicki HeyGroup
  • Account Director: Stuart Randall, Robin Hook
  • Agency Producer: Anthea Beylis
  • Head of Strategy: Awie Erasmus
  • Strategy: Mike Wills
  • Creative Director: Daniel Nash
  • Account Director: Jess Webb
  • Account Manager: Nazneen Ahmed
  • Account Executive: Janine Fortuin
  • Production Company: Motion City Films


Castle Lite breaks the ice

Castle Lite is known for having a continuously fresh approach to branding and their latest campaign was no different. ‘Ziyabanda‘ is the first track to be recorded at the sub-zero temperature of -2.5°C and comes courtesy of Castle Lite, the only beer lagered at – you guessed it – minus two point five. If you’re wondering how this is possible: the beats are made out of ice.

The video, featuring South African hip hop star Stilo Magolide, was directed by Lebogang Rasethaba who has been documenting the music scene for the last few years. This hard hitting track will definitely get you prematurely ready for summer.

Watch it here:


  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
  • Production Company: Arcade Content
  • Directed by: Lebogang Rasethaba
  • Shot by: Rory O’Grady
  • Edited by: Julian Redpath