An Officer and a gentlemen


There are so many people who can attest to Graham’s ability to do whatever it took to deliver creative excellence and to initiate campaigns that made business sense as well. However, over and above this he always remained a true, charming gentleman.

Looking at the posts and condolences on various Facebook pages it is abundantly clear that Graham touched many lives in the advertising world, as a mentor, a gentle giant, a leader, a creative force, a pillar of strength and a friend.

Graham spent just over 20 years at Ogilvy and the Cashbuild@Ogilvy team were fortunate enough to enjoy the last five years with Graham as our Creative Director. His input was invaluable and changed the course of Cashbuild’s advertising.

Our client fell in love with not only the concepts that Graham created but also his ability to make unparalleled sound effects when presenting radio and TV scripts. His rendition of the Cashbuild radio tag will forever be etched in our memories and has become the standard in Cashbuild presentations.

Graham was more than just an ‘adman’, he was also an incredible father, brother, uncle, a builder and prospective guest house owner.  He spent the last few years of his life building a tree house which was designed to provide unique guest accommodation.  This was to be his retirement project. He wasn’t afraid to literally get his hands dirty and often arrived at work with cuts, grazes and bruises he attributed to manual labour.

One a more personal note and one which I think sums up the fun loving man Graham was, he joined me as a dance partner when no-one else would rise to the challenge.  We had dance lessons together every week and he became quite the kizomba dancer much to his daughters’ amazement.  (For those of you who aren’t familiar with this form of dance, it is a Congolese/Angolan form of Salsa/Argentine tango and the hottest addition to the dance world.) Graham embraced this challenge with swaying hips and complicated footwork like a true dance pro.

There are so many more anecdotes and stories that his colleagues and family would be able to add to this tribute but I think we agree that Graham was an all round extraordinary man who lived life to its fullest and gave his all to everything he embarked on.

Graham, we salute you for the massive 45 year contribution you made to the advertising industry , for your commitment to Ogilvy for the past 20 years and for the difference you made to businesses, clients and all the people you met along the way.

Rest in peace Great Man! You will be sorely missed!