Ogilvy Johannesburg 2017 Christmas Party

To the nights that turned into mornings, and the friends that turned into family. The 2017 Ogilvy Johannesburg Christmas Party was unquestionably a night to remember. In most cases, cops and robbers would not be seen in the same place, as for criminals, their home is generally a jail cell unless still on the loose! LOL. In this case however, things were slightly different (as per the usual Ogilvy culture).

After a hard long year, the end of year party was the perfect time to sit back and relax while having a drink amongst friends surrounded by good vibes, great music and some killer outfits. In an environment that allows us to be who we are, share our uniqueness and motivates us to create great work, no one knew the rhythm that certain people had contained.

Dominic Shwarz was the talk of the town with his slaying dance moves!

Not too sure whether they knew where the camera was LOL!!

Don’t be fooled, they were ready to start handing out fines.


If you were not a part of the night, catch a sneak peak above!

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