Design Indaba FilmFest

Words from Martin Magner

I could spend the duration of this post breaking down each film like a proper film critic but that would be a waste of time seeing as I’m just a boy from Cape Town with a Macbook pro.

So, here is my opinion of the 3 stand outs in no particular order.

[B-MOVIE: Lust & Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989]


After watching this film I’ve realised the West Berlin electronic music scene feels a lot like many a late Friday night I’ve experienced in Hope Street. ‘Decadent & Chaotic’ were used to describe the entirety of it all – undoubtably mirrors the scene, sound and energy of the youth of Cape Town today. The rawness of the documentary was comforting. A nice break from the glitz and glamour I find myself trolling through on a daily basis on Twitter. The hunger to live for the moment rather than plan for the future very yolo and I appreciate that.

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5 stars for the 6 siblings who spent 17 years in 1 Manhattan flat. The confinement of these kids forced them to explore their creativity to the nth degree. Create masterpieces including an entire Batman costume out of cereal boxes and yoga mats, recite films back to front and walk out as a group with an image that could pretty much trump Yeezy season 3. I’ve already seen a few of them making appearances in music videos, obviously by Grimes, soon to be seen in global fashion campaigns and hopefully some Wolfpack work to hit our screens soon. Watch this one!

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Move over Natalie Portman, I’ve found the original Black Swan. Dance does something to me. People getting thrown across room to a SIA song, leopard crawling to the some Genuwine, or a stunning whip nae nae in the bar on a Friday. I’M HOOKED. Misty Copeland however, takes dance to the next level. Technically flawless, physically ridiculous. This woman triumphed & rose to the hight as the first black woman to be promoted to principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre’s 75-year history. Cue Beyoncé’s Formation track. Watch this and regret all the dance classes you failed to go to a child.

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Thanks to the Design Indaba for the incredible variety of films this year.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing some more local motion pictures getting featured too.




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