The Ogilvy office spouse

What is an office spouse? An office spouse is that one person in the office who knows you the best; the person that supports you, listens to your ideas (no matter how crazy), and who is there if you need someone to vent to. You are not married or even dating, but in many ways your relationship mimics a real marriage. You probably bicker like an old married couple, have lunch dates and even share inside jokes.

As you can imagine, Ogilvy Cape Town is filled with ‘office marriages’.

We recently opened our doors to the Expresso Show team, who were eager to get to know a few of the Ogilvy ‘couples’, and find out just what makes them the perfect professional match.

People featured in the clip:

  • Luca Gallarelli – MD Ogilvy Cape Town
  • Karen Vermeulen and Anthony Walton
  • Alison Hingle and Mike Martin
  • Carol Gallarelli and Awie Erasmus
  • Claire Brayshay and Tarryn von Romburgh
  • Rikki Majiet and Nashane Mariah
  • Michelle Culhane and Angelo Dionisio

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