Content Marketing 101

Our hallways are filled with incredible people… Mel Attree being one of them. Mel has been in the social media space before social media was a ‘thing’, and is now the Director of Content Strategy here at Ogilvy Cape Town.

Melissa Attree

Being the legend that she is, Mel has shared 10 content marketing tips with us.

  1. Question the brief

Many content marketing strategies develop from more traditional advertising briefs, agencies and clients need to question specific briefs and explore different ways of reaching customers using different mediums.

  1. Have a plan

Make sure your content marketing efforts align with the business, sales and marketing strategy. Consider the ongoing benefit that publishing effective content could have for customers and develop a long-term roll out plan that meets your specific objectives.

  1. Consider the source

The sourcing, planning and distribution of your content is as critical as the actual content itself. This process helps with the planning and publishing process:

Content = Curated + Created + Commissioned + Crowdsourced

Brands need to be open to collaboration, there are many independent people producing great content, bring them into your process and commission them to create content with you.

Crowdsource content by tapping into your existing communities and encouraging them to create images, words or videos that you can repurpose and publish. Here is an example of this

  1. Entertain or empower (or both)

What do your customers need and want? Produce content that empowers or entertains your customers. This means you’ll have a more sustainable approach to being able to create content that has long-term appeal and is shareable.

  1. Learn to share

Make sure your content is easy for people to discover, share and comment on. Great content travels, help it. Don’t forget the power of email and sms as ‘dark social’ sharing platforms.

  1. Repurpose

Some people like to read, some watch videos, other prefer audio recordings or images. Remix your content for a variety of mediums to cater for different consumer needs (and channels). Where possible, give people choices; this extends the longevity (and reach) of your content.

  1. Act like an editor

Managing publishers, editors, editorial teams and editorial calendars are all essential tools for success. Be the Anna Wintour!

  1. Measure and adapt

The ability to be adaptable is a key component of an effective content marketing approach. Pay attention to what people are sharing and commenting on and iterate your approach.

  1. Buy or rent

Brands should be considering owned spaces for content, rented social media platforms then act as content amplifiers and conversation facilitators.

  1. Rinse and repeat

Effective content marketing often requires a slow burn approach; some of the most established international brand examples are only gaining momentum years later. Plan your efforts, invest in publishing and measure your growth.


Allan Gray – The Letter

Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town has produced its first commercial for Allan Gray since winning the account.

Set in Germany in 1989, ‘The Letter’ tells the story of a man reunited with the love of his life after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Brought-to-life by director Kim Geldenhuys, director of photography Jan Velicky, and music composer Dustin O’Halloran, the commercial was shot over four days in Riga, Latvia, with an all-German lead cast. Careful attention to factual period detail was taken, including the building of a replica of part of the wall.

The micro saga underpins how commitment and patience bear reward over time – true to the brand’s investment philosophy.

Watch it here: