Talking Loeries, with Luca.

Managing Director of Ogilvy Cape Town, Luca Gallarelli, recently shed some light on his expectations for the 2015 Loeries Awards. Here’s what he had to say:

What are you most looking forward to from Loeries Creative Week 2015, set to hit Durban in August?

The Loeries is something I look forward to each year and 2015 is bound to be one of the best yet. The shift from a two-night affair to a week-long celebration of both the creative industry and of creativity in South Africa has been marked. The judging moving to the week leading up to the event has added momentum to proceedings and certainly helps build excitement and anticipation.

Of course, the move to Durban also provides added excitement. Change is good and it will be great to see how the event is re-shaped in a distinctively Durbs way.

I’m looking forward to getting a sense of where we stand as an industry in South Africa and the quality of our work is the best barometer for determining that. Outside of a few standout pieces in 2014, I felt the general quality of work on display was disappointing and I am eagerly anticipating a lift across the board this year.

Tell us some of your own agency work you’re entering this year.

In an effort to avoid jinxing our work, I’ll talk more generally. Winning across multiple categories is always what we strive to achieve – it shows our depth and breadth as an agency. It says a lot about the kind of agency we want to be, and the kind of agency our clients want. Hopefully this year we will win across every category.

Who do you predict will win big this year, and why?

Very tough question but with the One Show and Cannes Lions Awards having just taken place, it has been interesting to see who the early front-runners could be.

What’s your biggest Loeries highlight of years past?

Purely from a personal standpoint, I drew massive satisfaction from the success of the Carling Black Label “Be The Coach” campaign. It was a huge venture and the broadest and most robust team effort with client and agency I’ve ever been a part of.


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