Fashion To Live For

In an attempt to get more people talking about life-jackets, the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) hosted a runway show at the recent SA Menswear Week (SAMW) called ‘Fashion To Live For’.

Local designers including Habits, Lara Klawikowski, Hendrik Vermeulen Couture, Leigh Schubert, Kim Gush, Jenevieve Lyons, Blanc, CSquared and Gabrielle Swimwear, took the idea of an average life-jacket and turned it on its head by creating works of art ready for the runway.

The couture life-jackets were modeled by South African celebs – Siv Ngesi, Danilo Acquisto, Bailey Schneider and Carl Wastie – together with professional models.

Habits Leigh Schubert CSquared Carl Wastie_NSRI - SA Menswear Week

The brave volunteers of the NSRI also took to the stage in their on-duty gear and received a standing ovation from the audience.

NSRI Volunteers

A special thanks to:

Simon and Jen Deiner from SA Menswear Week, Gabrielle Swimwear, Carl Wastie, Siv Ngesi, Riaan Manser, Danilo Acquisto, Bailey Schneider, BrandsEye, Newsclip, The Clarion Group, and the legendary Ogilvy peeps who rocked up in their droves to support the show

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