#MannesInCannes wrap up Part 3

It took until the third ceremony of the festival, but last night SA broke its Bronze hoodoo and added metal of a different hue to the goodie bag.

There were three very worthy Golds, one for Ogilvy Johannesburg and two for TBWA Hunt Lascaris. Each of them had the Palais chuckling, which was wonderful after the generally serious tone of the case studies in the other categories thus far. All that saving the world seems to have sucked some of the humor out of what we do. I suspect Film will help that tonight.

Ogilvy Johannesburg took home the Gold Radio Lion for the ‘Night Before the Project‘ campaign.

Along with Design and Product Design, Cyber was also judged last night. In stark contrast with our success in Radio, SA has yet to crack the code to a win here.

For years, I think everyone has thought of these two categories as diametric opposites. One traditional and analogue, the other innovative and digital. However last night one piece of work went a long way to shattering that perception. ‘The Berlin Wall of Sound’ won the Grand Prix in Radio and then went on to take Gold in Cyber. It’s worth a listen.

The Radio Jury President commented that with podcasts enjoying a second coming of age, there was huge potential for the future of Radio.

The Cyber Grand Prix further extended the Gender Equality trope that’s emerged at Cannes with Giselle Bundchen proving there’s far more to her than meets the eye in ‘I will what I want’ for UnderArmour. ‘Unskippable’ for Geico, which has won lots already, also received Gold. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look. I’m sure it will win in Film too. As will ‘The other side‘ by Honda, another Gold winner in Cyber.

After the ceremony, I joined Ogilvy Johannesburg in celebrating their Gold. It’s how I ended up on a boat in the Cannes Yacht Basin eating canape’s and swigging Rose’.


There were rumors that Pharrell may be on board, but I think he’d already been whisked off to the Cannes equivalent of Waterkloof Airforce Base after completing his seminar on Tuesday.

And now, it’s back to today’s seminars, which I’ll try to capture more of in my next post.





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