Audi Night Vision Assistant

South African roads can be hazardous, especially at night. This is compounded by pedestrians and animals crossing urban and rural roads that are badly lit.

We were briefed to create an awareness campaign for Audi Night Vision Assistant which detects objects in the drivers path and makes them visible. Instead of producing a traditional print campaign, we took advantage of the interactivity of the mobile tablet platform. The campaign is based on the insight that our eyes trick us at night when distances are hard to judge. We’re deceived into seeing one thing, which is actually something completely different.

Readers would come upon the ad while paging through a digital magazine publication. They would see a dark road with no obstacles in front of them, and only the horizon in the distance. They would then be encouraged to switch to Audi Night Vision. An object they thought was on the horizon was actually something right in front of them. This dramatized the necessity for Audi Night Vision Assistant on South African roads.

Eyes_Play_Tricks Audi Night Vision Assistant


Creative Credits 

Chris Gotz – Chief Creative Officer

Nicholas Wittenberg – Group Creative Director

Prabashan Gopalakrishnan Pather – Creative Director

Jacques Massardo – Creative Director

Iain Alman – Digital Producer

Gavin Haywood – Retoucher

Robert Martin – Hogarth Worldwide – Editor

Refiloe Chakela – Hogarth Worldwide – Agency Producer

Ryan Rabinowitz – Account Director

Fred Cilliers – Digital Designer





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