Checking in with the Grads

It has been two months since Kara Levy and Glenn Kisela joined the Ogilvy Graduate Programme (OGP). Kara chose to start off in Client Service and Glenn chose PR. Let’s check in and see how agency life has been treating them.


Q: What is the funniest one liner/pearl of wisdom that has been shared with you since you’ve started with us?

Kara: “Don’t get carried away on Fridays”

Q: Name one high, and one low from your time in your department:

Kara: Highs have been working on pitches and being on a TV commercial shoot with an international agency and client. A low has probably been frustrations with process.

Glenn: A high would be going out on a team building event with the whole department. It’s great working in a department where everyone is able to spend time outside of work together & have a good time. As for a low, that would be the first time I screwed something up. It wasn’t a major screw up but it always sucks to let someone down, even if it’s inevitable. But we live & we learn!

Q: Share one thing people who haven’t worked in Client Service should know about the department:

Kara: It’s a really important department, despite what some people may think. It is the only department in the agency that knows every element of an account. Client service knows everything from the client’s personal life, to budgets, to knowing how to manage and get things done from everyone, be it an internal it external job. There is also a lot of trust and dependence placed on the relationship that client service is able to foster with a client – the best work often comes from a good agency client relationship, in conjunction with great creative because clients that trust agencies are willing to take risks.

Q: Which department are you off to next?

Kara: I’m going to OgilvyOne to get stuck into some digital strategy!

Q: Rumour has it you have decided to stay on in PR for the remainder of the year, what has influenced this decision?

Glenn: That rumour is correct! I know it’s a big decision & it’s not one I made lightly, but I’m confident it’s the right one. The amazing thing about the OGP is that you’re able to explore the whole agency to find a place that you could thrive in and do work that you love. I’ve been lucky in that I found that place in PR right away. I work with amazing people on some amazing accounts & I don’t want to walk away halfway through.

Q: Was it a tough decision to make?

Glenn: It’s difficult in the sense that I’m giving up seeing other departments & I spent a lot of time thinking about that fact. But at the end of the day, it was a decision I made easily because I genuinely believe that the work we’re doing here in PR is incredible & I have so much to learn & to offer. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t have enjoyed working in other departments & had an amazing time but I think being in PR is right for me personally & aligns with where I want to go.

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