#2OceansMarathon Foodspiration

For all the carbo-loaders getting ready for the Two Oceans Marathon have a look at our top 5 pasta and pizza spots in town.

1. Cafe Paradiso 


Recommended dish: Classic fantasia pasta of bacon, mushrooms, tomato and chili served with fresh fettuccine, cream and parmesan. Add chicken.

2. Woodlands Eatery 

woodlands 2woodlands 1

Recommended dish: Lamb pizza.

3. Andiamo Restaurant & Deli


Recommended dish: The Lasagna. Also, the Chicken & Gorgonzola pasta.

4. Societi Bistro


Recommended dish: fettuccine, aubergine, baked ricotta, chilli, fennel seed, cherry tomatoes.

5. Ristorante Posticino


Recommended dish: brinjals, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper pizza. Add chicken.


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