New Wellington’s Tomato Sauce – Thicker, Redderer, Tomatoeyer

Wellington’s have released a new tomato sauce recipe and we shot some TV ads to tell people about it. Or rather, to let kids, as the connoisseurs of tomato sauce, tell us what they think about it.

“Tasting Panel” features some pretty independent-minded kids reviewing “Wellies”. “Time To Say Goodbye” is definitive proof that Wellies is delicious enough to say goodbye forever to the old tomato sauce.

Wellies is “thicker, redderer, tomatoeyer” and undoubtedly on its way to becoming South Africa’s new favourite.

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Go places with #UberUp

To celebrate the launch of the New Volkswagen up!, we’ve partnered with Uber to bring South Africans free rides in this nifty little car. The service is available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban until Sunday 8 March 2015. Some may even be chauffeured by top celebrities such as SuzelleDIY who will be making a surprise appearance…

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for Uber and download the free application.
  2. Enter the promo code: UBERUP to unlock the unique UberUp view.
  3. Toggle over to the VW icon, and request a ride as per normal.
  4. A Volkswagen up! will arrive at your destination within minutes – voila!

T’s and C’s:

  1. Available only in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban.
  2. The service is available for request between 13h00 – 21h00 on weekdays and from 15h00 – 23h00 on weekends from Monday 2 – Sunday 8 March.
  3. Trips can be maximum of 20 minutes in duration or 20km in distance.
  4. Users will be limited to two free Uber trips in the Volkswagen up! during the campaign period.
  5. Maximum three passengers in one vehicle.

Be sure to follow Volkswagen South Africa and Uber on social media for clues about the celebrity appearances.

Twitter: @VolkswagenSA | @Uber_CT | @Uber_Joburg | @Uber_Durban

Facebook: |

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Today is #NationalAnthemDay, so we decided to take printed sentences from our anthem for a photoshoot around our hood. The outcome is a colourful celebration of our country and our anthem. #woodstock #capetown #southafrica #pride