New Wellington’s Tomato Sauce – Thicker, Redderer, Tomatoeyer

Wellington’s have released a new tomato sauce recipe and we shot some TV ads to tell people about it. Or rather, to let kids, as the connoisseurs of tomato sauce, tell us what they think about it.

“Tasting Panel” features some pretty independent-minded kids reviewing “Wellies”. “Time To Say Goodbye” is definitive proof that Wellies is delicious enough to say goodbye forever to the old tomato sauce.

Wellies is “thicker, redderer, tomatoeyer” and undoubtedly on its way to becoming South Africa’s new favourite.

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5 Replies to “New Wellington’s Tomato Sauce – Thicker, Redderer, Tomatoeyer”

  1. The empty bottle being buried is clearly an All Gold tomato sauce bottle. I thought comparative advertising isn’t allowed in SA (I think it should be). Even All Golds reply ad references this ad. It makes me think that both are owned by the same parent company – is this so?

  2. Hi David,
    Was just an old empty glass sauce bottle….also different parent companies 🙂
    Hope that helps,

  3. It is definitely a direct hit on all gold…with the bottle and the boy saying: All good (slight pause) things come to an end……

    Anyways I love all gold!

  4. I have just tried your new yummier, thicker, more tomato’er sauce, and I’m over the moon! Thanks Wellington’s, you made a 51yr old tomato sauce foodie very very happy!! 🙂

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