Careers24 take ownership of viral video

Last week, a video of a game ranger losing his cool with a group of tourists was ‘leaked’. The video features a tourist repeatedly getting in the way and speaking loudly while on a walk with a game ranger. The ranger eventually loses his cool, starts swearing and storms off leaving the whole group of tourists to fend for themselves while a potentially dangerous animal lurks nearby.

Careers24 Game Ranger

Top SA jobbing website,, has come forward to claim ownership of the video. The idea for the video came about in an effort to create awareness that most people tend to settle for jobs not suited for them and that Careers 24 can offer thousands of quality jobs online.

Watch the video here:


This video forms part of the humorous new advertising campaign that focuses on the awkward moment after one is asked – “What is it you do for a living?” Find out more about the campaign here



Geometry Global Creative Director – Anthony Walton

Ogilvy PR Creative Director – Dan Nash

Geometry Global Art Director – Natasha Dobbs

Geometry Global Copywriter – Elsa De Bruyn

Ogilvy Account Director – Alexis Leih

Ogilvy PR Account Director – Kate McLeod

Ogilvy PR Account Executive – Jenna Flynn

Ogilvy Content Producer – Cathy Day



Reto Reolon – Director

Producer – Kamilla Kelly

Shoot Producer – Alexis Ziman

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