Meet the 2015 Ogilvy Grads

Meet Kara Levy, from Red & Yellow and Glenn Kisela from UCT, the newest additions to the Ogilvy Graduate Program (OGP). They started with us on the 2nd of Feb and we will be checking in with them throughout the year to find out what they’re up to, what they’ve learned and how life at Ogilvy has been treating them – but for now let’s get to know them a little better.

Glenn Kisela
Kara Levy









Q: List three things we might not know about you


  • I am a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to recycling e.g. paper and plastic and saving water (turn of the tap when you are brushing your teeth!) and try my best to make others the same.
  • I am a bit of a tom boy at heart but am trying my best to not be, in line with this I have a sneaker fetish and buy a pair every few months/weeks to feed my addiction.
  • I was a mistake, my siblings are in their 40’s and I was an aunty at the age of 10.


  • I can speak French
  • I almost started a career in Accounting
  • Emma Stone is my celebrity crush

Q: You are new to the Ogilvy family, what is one thing you have learnt during your time here?

Glenn: That this really is a family and not just a business. Everyone has been super helpful and friendly which makes the world of a difference when you start a new job. On my first day I was made to feel like I belong.

Q: Which department have you decided to spend your first two months?

Kara: I have decided to spend my first 2/3 months in client services. I thought it would be a great place to start because you are exposed to all facets of the business whether it be dealing with clients or dealing with the creatives and their brilliant ideas.

Glenn: Ogilvy PR.

Q: Which department are you off to next?

Kara: I haven’t really decided yet, probably PR or Ogilvy One because I want to get some exposure to digital as I haven’t been exposed to it properly yet – so that should be an exciting next step.

Glenn: Still deciding between Ogilvy One and Client Services.

Q: Describe your emotions throughout the Grad selection process in 7 words or less:

Kara: Hesitant, confused, demotivated, determined, satisfied, nervous, excited.






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