Ogilvy’s Eye Behind the Camera

Because it’s CT Month of Photography we thought we’d share a bit about our favourite photographer, the man behind the camera at Ogilvy, Theo Klompje.

They say “Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything with the way you see them”. Our in-house photographer Theo Klompje must be seeing some pretty amazing things. With his new studio setup, The Redworks Lightbox, Theo is bound to continue to produce some awesome work.

Theo, originally from Paarl (the land of wine and rugby) says he loves living in the Cape (the land of craft beer and advertising) as this is where he has produced some of his best work.

Photography to him is all about showing your point of view and that nothing is true, everything is permitted. One of the first things he learnt about a camera is that it’s, inaccurately, perceived as a tool to document some sort of truth behind an event or story.

According to Theo, besides getting payed on time, there are huge benefits to working for an agency as opposed to being a freelance photographer. He says having the opportunity to learn the broader workings of the advertising industry definitely influences how he approaches his work. He is also able to pull inspiration from working with and around such a creative collaboration of talent.

Check out some of Theo’s best work on his blog “I Love My Hood”, his Instagram account, his Behance account and Facebook.

Saul the Polar Bear

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