New Ogilvy & Mather Induction Kits

We’re pretty excited to share these pics of our new staff induction kits. Designed by the Redworks team in Cape Town, they seem to have caught the eye of more than just our new employees.

The brief came from our MD, Luca Gallarelli, and the O&M PR Cape Town team who felt that our staff inductions needed a bit of a shake-up. Luca wanted a welcome pack that would reflect the ethos and vibe of O&M CT as well as provide useful information about the building.

The creative team drew inspiration from the famous 8 Ogilvy Habits. These habits formed the ideology O&M was built on all those year ago and with one item representing each habit, the induction box makes these habits more tangible and playful for new staff.

LidBottomLayerlayer 1Lid interiorOgilvy&Mather_CapeTown_Induction_Box_by_@viwemfaku_#watchmefiness



Concept & Design

Redworks CT Creative Director: Sabine Heckmann
Redworks CT Art Director: Amy Novella
Redworks CT Art Director: Viwe Mfaku
Redworks CT Art Director: Courtney Benjamin
Redworks CT Copywriter: Adèle Steyn

Redworks Production – Ciska Visser

O&M CT Illustrator: Jeanri Venter


Pangea Promotions (A5 Red Note Book, Metal Slinky, Yellow Pencil, USBs)

Clifton Publications CC (Box)

Tandym Print (Print Collateral)

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