Infographic: The next Billion internet users

Interesting infographic put together from showing the how, what, and where of the world’s next billion internet users. Africa gets a good mention with a prediction of 6.5% year on year growth for mobile internet connections from 2012 – 2017.  130802InternetUsersFINAL

MemeBurn: Digital’s Role in Advertising

Memburn’s Mich Atagana chats to our MD, Gavin Levinsohn, about the way Digital is changing advertising and the role it has to play in the space.

Grab Life by the Halls

Halls gives people the invigorating rush of menthol needed to Grab Life by the Halls. Following on from the Klein Kimmie TVC, an online repository of opportunities was created for people to ‘grab’ and stand a chance to win. Every opportunity requires people to breathe deep and make their move, and ultimately do things they haven’t had the Halls to do before.
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The site itself pokes fun at group buying sites, and is updated weekly with new limited edition opportunities for people to grab. It includes the chance to star in Klein Kimmie’s debut music video, pose nude for an art class, be a guest DJ on GoodHope FM and loads of other opportunities.
Site - Halls2
Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Creative Director: Nicholas Wittenberg
Art Director: Martine Hazell & Justin Enderstein
Copywriter: Alex Holmes & Cuan Cronwright
Motion Designer: Andrew Pullen
Producer: Kurt Paulse
Digital Production: OgilvyOne
Managing Partner: Adrian Varkel
Social@Ogilvy: Adele Kruger, Kate McLeod & Nazneen Ahmed
Activation: OgilvyAction

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Infographic: The Future use TV

Interesting infographic put together by Guide, a company that has developed a platform that allows you to watch blogs much like you would a TV show.

They have looked at where TV is going, 2nd screen use, the connected living room, and more. Have a look below to see some of the new interesting opportunities that will likely be available to us in the years to come.Guide_futureTV__infographic_final_v2