Ideate: Internet Usage In South Africa

Always interesting to see local South African internet stats. The below info is from Fred Roed’s Ideate blog and shows some local up to date stats on internet, ecommerce, and social media usage in South Africa. Go to Survey Compare to see the original full size.

One point to note is the internet usage figure yesterday was announced to be 14 million by the DMMA, the figure of 20 million below is most likely an un-weighted number (i.e. not accounting for people with multiple internet enabled devices etc).

survey compare infographic

Stimorol: Sensations

Here is a new strange and wondrous ad we just put together for Stimorol’s new Sensations Chewing Gum. Synchronised swimmers, a fruit waterfall, and lots of indulgent candy gel was involved in the shoot, needless to say it was a fun to make (See the behind the scenes below). We hope you enjoy it.


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Associate Creative Director: Tommy Le Roux
Creative Group Head: Prabashan Panther
Agency Producer: Anthea Beylis
Art Director: Reijer van der Vlugt, Matthew Pullen
Copywriter: Dean Paradise, Justin Osburn
Production Company: Your Girlfriend
Director: Trevor Clarence
Executive Producer: Linda Bogel

What happens online in 60 Seconds

Has been a while since I’ve seen an updated infographic on what happens online in 60 seconds so thought I would share it with you. The updated info was put together by from Qmee, with design by mycleveragency. (Click on the image to see the full size)


Bright Talks

Bright Talks

This Thursday is one of the only chances you will  get to listen to 5 of the best people from the South African advertising industry share their knowledge, lessons learned, and talk about where the world of advertising is heading. This is a chance to learn what they didn’t teach you at AAA, Red & Yellow, Vega, UCT etc.

If you have a business, or work in advertising and want to be better at your job then I would highly recommend going to this event. Book now at

The speakers are:

Gavin Levinsohn // MD Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town
Graham Warsop // Founder & Chairman of Jupiter Drawing Room
Margaret Jenks // Consultant, ex-Group Marketing Director at Sanlam
Ravi Naidoo // RoomFounder of the worlds leading annual design conference, the Design Indaba.
Ross Chowles // Creative Director of Jupiter Drawing

Written by Chris Rawlinson

A Short History of Typography

Typography is rather fascinating topic often taken for granted by most, but it’s impact on messaging can often shift the balance from being overseen, to being remembered.

The clip took 291 Paper Letters, 2,454 Photographs, and 140 hours of work to make. The video was created by graphic designer Ben Barrett-Forrest. See more of his work at

WWF: Things To Do In The Dark

One of our clients at Ogilvy Cape Town is WWF, each year they run a global initiative called Earth Hour to encouraging people to switch off their lights to save energy. With Earth Hour now in its fourth year, the novelty has worn off. We created the above work to enable South Africans to get back into it, and have some fun while getting involved.

Over 94,000 people interacted with our Facebook page.
#thingstodointhedark was a trending topic on twitter in South Africa.
Most importantly, it helped save 45% more energy than last year’s Earth Hour.

CT Type

Although we don’t officially have a 20% time for innovative side projects here we do encourage experimentation, it’s essential if you want to lead a healthy creative life.
One of our Business Directors, Rowan Eva, has started several popular sites over the last few years, the most popular being Noonday Tune. It’s site that shares a new tune everyday at noon, and was featured in FHM’s top 100 websites list. His latest side project is called CT Type, basically it’s a site that crowd sources great images of typography around Cape Town. To have a look at all the pictures go to If you’re using Instagram and want to contribute just use the hashtag #cttype.

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