Red Huxley – Road to Rancho


Here at Ogilvy, we are lucky to have some great musicians in the house, and one of them is Matt Pullen from the local band Red Huxley. The band have been given a chance to record their debut album in the states with Rock legend Dave Catching from the Eagles of Death Metal and Queens of the Stone Age (to name a few). He runs and owns a recording studio in the California desert & has recorded a host of bands including the Arctic Monkey’s, Kyuss, and the Foo Fighters.

Here’s the catch, they need sponsorship for the band to help cover the expenses. In order to help raise the capital needed they created a KickStarter page (click here).

We need to get Matt out of the studio (his copywriter really needs a break + he is a ginger) so please go to and donate what you can, even $1 would be a great help, alternatively if you are feeling a little skint the best thing to do is to simply share, a tweet, a like, a blog, anything that will spread this amazing opportunity. Help us make a gingers dream come true. Thank you.

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