Recent Print Work: Volkswagen & Heinz

As an integrated agency we still regularly create ads for print. Although it’s an often overlooked type of media now a days in this digital buzz word world, print can still have a wonderful effect when executed well. Below is some of our recent work for Volkswagen and Heinz, that we think stands out.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. (Just click the relevant image to zoom in)

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Facebook: Global Pages Guide

Facebook recently launched a new structure for global brands, using a new feature called Facebook Global Pages. This new feature allows for one global Facebook page to track insights and metrics across all of its pages, and thereby, have the opportunity to understand fan behaviour in one single place for each page. Also as part of this change, Facebook offers users a better localized experience, while letting the brand maintain its global presence. Users will automatically be redirected to the most relevant brand page, based on their geographic location, and brands will be able to link to the main global page with a single vanity URL.
The presentation below is from Social@Ogilvy and gives an overview on the changes, and how brands can effectively leverage the new changes.


Burberry’s Social Story

Wonderful video showing how the Luxury brand Burberry has been successfully evolving into a digital / social / mobile first retail company. The clip lets Angela Ahrendts, their CEO tell the story of how Burberry has been fundamentally changing the way they do business.

Great to see other companies first learning and evolving the digital culture internally, then translating those learnings into the public, is a smart way to go.

Excuse the punt, but great video none the less.

Photographer catches on fire at Emma’s Wedding

The moment when the groom meets his bride at the alter recently had some added entertainment. During Murray and Emma’s (a former member of @OgilvyCT ) wedding Ceremony at Netherwood Estate, their photographer’s hair caught alight after getting too close to a candle. One of Murray’s grooms-men attempted to help Jacki put the flames out.

So far the clip has been viewed over 85,000 times and has even been featured on the news in Australia.

Assegais Awards Winning Work


We are happy to say that last night concluded a great awards year for us at Ogilvy Cape Town with a strong showing at the 2012 Assegai Awards for integrated marketing.

The team and our clients won two Golds and four Silvers across work produced with Volkswagen, Carling Black Label and Kraft.
The Assegais are organised by the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMASA) and serve to acknowledge the best South African agencies in the direct marketing field.

The nature of the our winning work was digitally led, integrated, and focused on creating deeper engagement with consumers, which helps to vindicate our strategy of building deep digital capability in-house rather than using outsourced specialists.

See the Ogilvy winners below or go to for a full list of all the winners.

Ogilvy & Mather Cape Town – 2012 Assegai Award Winners
Gold: Volkswagen ‘Date Drive’. Multiple Channel Campaign Awards
Gold: Volkswagen ‘Street Quest’. Media Awards – Social Media
Silver: Carling Black Label ‘Be The Coach’. Media Awards – Mobile
Silver: Stimorol ‘Alien Abduction’. Multiple Channel Campaign Awards
Silver: Carling Black Label ‘Be The Coach’. Media Awards – Alternative: Experiential
Silver: Volkswagen ‘Date Drive’. Media Awards – Website
Bronze: Carling Black Label ‘Darling to Carling’ – Media Awards – Alternative: Experiential
Bronze: Forever Wild. YouTube Interventions – Media Awards – Social Media

Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg – 2012 Assegai Award Winners
Gold: POWA 9 West Brochure. Craft Award for creative solution
Silver: Castle ‘Super Fans’. Media Awards – Alternative Activations