Ogilvy Interns Q&A: Alice van der Poel

PicMeet the wonderful Alice van der Poel, who recently joined us to intern with our accounts team.

You can follow Alice on twitter @Alice_vdp1

Below is a Q&A to see what Alice thinks of life @OgilvyCT so far.

1. What is the most embarrassing thing that COULD happen to you at Ogilvy?

When I think of the most embarrassing thing that could happen to me at Ogilvy, what comes to mind is an amalgamation of the centre stairs, a series of badly missed stairs, legs in the air, bump on the head, laughing…. lots of laughing…. and then maybe crying.

2. What is the most embarrassing thing that HAS happened to you?

TBA – Nothing truly embarrassing has happened to me yet, but watch this space! I am bound to have something to write here by the time I am done.

3. Who are you most scared of/nervous to speak to?

Traffic! They scare me more than the five o’clock traffic home!

4. When you tell people that you are interning at Ogilvy, how do they respond?

Their responses differ – most people are really impressed, others are inquisitive, a select few had never heard of it (I mean really?!). And then you get the jealous ones who don’t say much at all J.

5. If you could be anyone in the agency for one day, who would it be?

Carol Jeffrey– who wouldn’t want to sit in that beautiful office for a day?! Mountain looking over your shoulder!

6. Do you take the lift or the stairs?

Because I am on the sixth floor, I take the lift up to my desk when I am coming into and going out of the building but I take the stairs running around in between – need to keep up the pace J.

7. How many cups of tea/coffee have you been drinking per day?

I don’t have any – despite the winter chill, I am a juice person!

8. What did you wear on your first day, and why?

I wore black boots, black tights, a black-and-white polka dot jersey and a black jacket. Sounds very gothic (which can guarantee is not my style) but the reason I chose so much black is because it always looks smarter than a colour. Wanted to be safe for my first day!

9. What surprised you most about working at Ogilvy?

How difficult selling great creative work can be: I looked through about six or seven campaign ideas the creatives did recently and nearly fell off my chair they were so good, only to find out the client only liked one or two! I thought they would love all of them. However, the creatives take it with a pinch of salt which I thought was great.

10. If you were offered a job at Ogilvy, but you had to run naked up and down the stairs first, would you do it?

Without a doubt!

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