Dimitri Maex: Sexy Little Numbers

Dimitri Maex (Twitter @DimitriMaex), Managing Director, OgilvyOne New York, is about to launch a new book on Data. Data today is being created at unprecedented levels. Virtually every time someone views something online, enters search on Google, or even surfs the web on a smart phone, another chunk of data gets added – in real time – to the multibillion gigabyte (and growing) trove of data that can help us better understand and predict consumer behaviour.

The book will help identify your business’s most profitable customers, craft a better marketing strategy to communicate with them, and inspire them to buy more. The best part is that it will help you do this in plain English, using the data you already have. (To find out more and/or buy a copy go to http://sellorelse.ogilvy.com/sexy-little-numbers )

In his clear, easy-to-understand style, Dimitri explains how to:

  • Identify which customers are most valuable, which have the most potential to be valuable, which are most likely to buy more in the future, and which are not worth targeting.
  • Get into your customers’ heads to understand what they are really looking for and to predict which products or services they will buy in the future.
  • Find these customers in places they visit, on websites they browse, on social networks they go to, on search engines they use or on TV programs they watch.
  • Allocate your marketing assets in the best possible way and pinpoint the areas that will generate the highest possible returns.
  • Get the most out of your website, the emails you send out, the online banners you buy or the ads you place on social networks.
  • Learn which customers are preparing to defect to the competition and how to stop them.
  • Determine why customers are buying your product – Is it because it is perfect for their needs, because they liked your ad, because of an appealing price. or because they just have the habit of purchasing from you.

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