Chappies #DidYouKnow Competition

Recently Chappies made 12 fantastic retro notebooks. Because it’s good to share we decided to give away 5 of these to people that submit the best “Did You Know” facts to the @ChappiesSA twitter handle using the hashtag #DidYouKnow. The competition closes at the end of today, with the winners being selected by real Chappies Did You Know writers. Below is one of them hard at work looking at the submissions so far, we will let you know who the winners are tomorrow. To see our other latest Chappies campaign go to


Infographic: The Power of Facebook Advertising

Facebook yesterday shared the below infographic showing some great new global stats around Facebook usage as well as some insights for Facebook advertising. (Click on the image to zoom in)

Dimitri Maex: Sexy Little Numbers

Dimitri Maex (Twitter @DimitriMaex), Managing Director, OgilvyOne New York, is about to launch a new book on Data. Data today is being created at unprecedented levels. Virtually every time someone views something online, enters search on Google, or even surfs the web on a smart phone, another chunk of data gets added – in real time – to the multibillion gigabyte (and growing) trove of data that can help us better understand and predict consumer behaviour.

The book will help identify your business’s most profitable customers, craft a better marketing strategy to communicate with them, and inspire them to buy more. The best part is that it will help you do this in plain English, using the data you already have. (To find out more and/or buy a copy go to )

In his clear, easy-to-understand style, Dimitri explains how to:

  • Identify which customers are most valuable, which have the most potential to be valuable, which are most likely to buy more in the future, and which are not worth targeting.
  • Get into your customers’ heads to understand what they are really looking for and to predict which products or services they will buy in the future.
  • Find these customers in places they visit, on websites they browse, on social networks they go to, on search engines they use or on TV programs they watch.
  • Allocate your marketing assets in the best possible way and pinpoint the areas that will generate the highest possible returns.
  • Get the most out of your website, the emails you send out, the online banners you buy or the ads you place on social networks.
  • Learn which customers are preparing to defect to the competition and how to stop them.
  • Determine why customers are buying your product – Is it because it is perfect for their needs, because they liked your ad, because of an appealing price. or because they just have the habit of purchasing from you.

Volkswagen: Genuine Parts

Below are two recent print ads we did for Volkswagen Genuine Parts. They also just so happened to gain a win at last months Creative Circle’s Ad of the Month awards. Enjoy

Copy: “Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s fixed”.kettleswing

Copywriters: Craig Ross; Cuan Cronwright // Art Director: Katie Mylrea, Justin Enderstein //Creative Director: Jamie Meitz // Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz

Ogilvy Interns Q&A: Alice van der Poel

PicMeet the wonderful Alice van der Poel, who recently joined us to intern with our accounts team.

You can follow Alice on twitter @Alice_vdp1

Below is a Q&A to see what Alice thinks of life @OgilvyCT so far.

1. What is the most embarrassing thing that COULD happen to you at Ogilvy?

When I think of the most embarrassing thing that could happen to me at Ogilvy, what comes to mind is an amalgamation of the centre stairs, a series of badly missed stairs, legs in the air, bump on the head, laughing…. lots of laughing…. and then maybe crying.

2. What is the most embarrassing thing that HAS happened to you?

TBA – Nothing truly embarrassing has happened to me yet, but watch this space! I am bound to have something to write here by the time I am done.

3. Who are you most scared of/nervous to speak to?

Traffic! They scare me more than the five o’clock traffic home!

4. When you tell people that you are interning at Ogilvy, how do they respond?

Their responses differ – most people are really impressed, others are inquisitive, a select few had never heard of it (I mean really?!). And then you get the jealous ones who don’t say much at all J.

5. If you could be anyone in the agency for one day, who would it be?

Carol Jeffrey– who wouldn’t want to sit in that beautiful office for a day?! Mountain looking over your shoulder!

6. Do you take the lift or the stairs?

Because I am on the sixth floor, I take the lift up to my desk when I am coming into and going out of the building but I take the stairs running around in between – need to keep up the pace J.

7. How many cups of tea/coffee have you been drinking per day?

I don’t have any – despite the winter chill, I am a juice person!

8. What did you wear on your first day, and why?

I wore black boots, black tights, a black-and-white polka dot jersey and a black jacket. Sounds very gothic (which can guarantee is not my style) but the reason I chose so much black is because it always looks smarter than a colour. Wanted to be safe for my first day!

9. What surprised you most about working at Ogilvy?

How difficult selling great creative work can be: I looked through about six or seven campaign ideas the creatives did recently and nearly fell off my chair they were so good, only to find out the client only liked one or two! I thought they would love all of them. However, the creatives take it with a pinch of salt which I thought was great.

10. If you were offered a job at Ogilvy, but you had to run naked up and down the stairs first, would you do it?

Without a doubt!

In the Limelight with Brad Page from Neo@Ogilvy

BradPagePicOriginal Article Posted by Dash of Lime

In the Limelight this week we have Brad Page, Senior Digital Strategist at Neo@Ogilvy Cape Town, who talks to Dash of Lime about the most rewarding part of his job and shares one thing most people don’t know about him…

What is your job title and what does this entail?

I work as a Senior Digital Strategist in the Cape Town office of Neo@Ogilvy South Africa.

Neo@Ogilvy is Ogilvy & Mather’s global digital media agency and performance marketing network. My role encompasses strategic planning, project management, leadership and keeping a finger on the pulse of digital innovation on the web.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Loads of things, the list runs long, but once I hit the books for my tertiary education, it became clearer to me that I’d fulfil the role of CMO at Manchester United Football Club.

Why did you choose digital?

I was lucky to land in the butter, fresh out of a BCom Marketing Management degree, with an entry level position at a digital media agency office located in Cape Town, servicing foreign based clients.

What role do you think “digital content” plays in a media strategy?

Creation (DCC), as part of the digital production process, followed by syndication (DCS) (or in plain English: information available for download/ distribution across the web) has been the bread and butter of smart web publishing properties for years. More recently, with an increasing amount of consumer and corporate brands entering this arena, as content creators, they need to determine the best way to present their digital content to consumers. As an integrated cog of a media strategy, its role is vital in the two-way dialogue which the web facilitates. More recently, consumer brands are becoming more comfortable with this, and have accepted the challenge to fully integrate it into their media strategy. IBM @smarterplanet, British Airways @British_Airways and Nike Football @nikefootball are notable success stories. It must be noted though, that it is not for every brand.

What excites you about the digital marketing and advertising industry?

Living in a developing market, we find digital marketing in its infancy stage, we’ve barely scratched the surface. We have world-class talent and world-class creative minds. Complement this with an approaching tipping point between digital marketing demand and supply, and there is not much more motivation needed to be excited about the local digital marketing and advertising industry.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Working in a team filled with bright young minds, and within a Neo@Ogilvy global network which functions as an extended team, with a shared vision, allowing us to see the benchmark, is rewarding. Translating business problems into digital marketing strategies, and watching these strategies develop into business results, by simply connecting the dots, is satisfying.

What is your favourite website in the Dash of Lime portfolio, and why?

Computicket. As a retailing service of Shoprite Holdings Ltd it was an inspiring early adopter of e-tailing in SA and is a success story.

Do you have any advice for advertisers considering investing in online marketing?

Simply put…


Plenty of research to understand the discipline.

Partner with online marketing experts.

Avoid ‘bright shiny object syndrome’.

Do Not…

Approach it in the same way as offline marketing. In reality, there are plenty of resources available online for SME’s, to assist them in making online marketing decisions.

The snippet of advice? Set out with the goal of creating: data driven online marketing decisions.

What is the one thing most people don’t know about you?

I have an identical twin brother who lives in London and is working at Vodafone UK.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?


If we were to check your PVR/DVD library, what would we find?

PVRed: mostly CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Bloomberg’s TechStars and Game Changers, CNBC Africa’s Invest Africa and Entrepreneurial Edge, BBC’s Click, SuperSport’s Barclays Premier League and episodes from the Travel Channel…

What’s your superpower?

*insert witty, funny and somewhat narcissistic answer here*

If you could send a short letter to your sixteen-year-old self, what would it say?

“Teach yourself  computer programming (coding), and become a developer, and I’m not talking about a property developer!”

Just kidding…

I would tell my sixteen-year-old self to continue acting like my sixteen-year-old self.

Best Craigslist Used Car Ad of All Time?

Just thought we would share a popular fun Craigslist ad being sent around the office today. Click on the image to zoom in. Enjoy.pontiac-grand-damn-972