DPSA: The Union Buildings

In a country with many social and welfare problems, the plight of disabled people in South Africa is often ignored. This film was a direct appeal for help from the DPSA.

The final scene is shot at South Africa’s iconic government headquarters, The Union Buildings, on World Disability Day – December 2011.

There were several incredible things about making this ad. First and foremost, the lead character, Noma-India Zenzile, is such a determined and inspirational woman. She easily overcame the difficulties of travelling over 1400km in taxis and trains from Cape Town to Pretoria as a disabled person. And, as she overcame each of these difficulties she showed us, the crew, just how challenging it is to be a disabled person in South Africa.  Even the smallest things, like making one’s way down a train aisle, getting onto a taxi, ramping off a pavement or going to the toilet become a serious undertaking. So while we set out to make an ad that would help disabled people’s cause in South Africa, each of us also left with a deeper, more meaningful understanding of what it actually means to be disabled in this country. It was a serious learning  experience and a massive eye-opener. Great thanks must go to Noma-India. Hopefully all her incredible efforts, and her very relevant message will not fall on deaf ears.


  1. Character: Noma-India Zenzile
  2. Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
  3. Art Director: Justin Enderstein
  4. Copywriter: Cuanan Cronwright
  5. Agency Producers: Kamilla Nurock, Mike Wood
  6. Production Company: Let it Rain Films, R.E.C
  7. Producer: Sam Kelly
  8. Director: Lee Doig

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