Stimorol Mega Mystery: You decide the Flavour

Above is the new TV ad for Stimorol’s new Mystery Gum. The campaign revolves around the public deciding what they think the gum tastes like. The winning flavour will them be printed on the chewing gum packets. To vote for yours and have some fun, go to

Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Exec Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Director: Trevor Clarence

45 Replies to “Stimorol Mega Mystery: You decide the Flavour”

  1. I think this mega mystery taste like pom grenade or grape fruit. But it taste as good as every Infinity Stimorol as every made.=)

  2. There is to many flavours—– mmmmmmmm fruit salad, there is a taste of lime, watermelon, grape, strawberry etc. I love it!

  3. It taste like tangy or bittersweet watermelon. Lol it should be called the bittersweet watermelon stimorol infinity.

  4. great marketing chapain, i don’t even buy gym normally!i would say the flavor is tropicana. ” love it its like your tonge got a brain”

  5. I think Mega Mystery tastes like Mixed Fruit…….. I think the ad gives it away because they always seem to be talking about fruit

  6. Its disgusting. Thats why they had to use this marketing strategy to sell this gross tasting bubblegum, otherwise if they really had the flavour on the pack no one would buy it.

  7. it tastes like YUMMMY!!! berries~ pineapple~waterlemon~lemon~mint~apple~!!!!! everything that is LEKKER~ IT TASTE LIKE ME!!!

  8. this is soo, yummy, refreshing & the flavour/softness last for longer ———–>Up to IINFINITY definitely Tropical fruits (Peach & apricot, Grapefruit ) etc.. you can call it medley of Fruits..

  9. It has a bit of passion fruit, touch of berries and a dash of lime when you start it. Leaves a great aftertaste. my name for it BerriPassion (verry passionate)

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