Classic Graça & Lion matches ads from Ogilvy & Mather RS-TM

Roger Makin is one of the fine gentlemen that originally founded Ogilvy in South Africa (previously called Rightford Searle-Trip & Makin, or RS-TM for short). He still has an office in our creative studio to this day, and chats to the young creative teams that surround him on a daily basis. Recently during a conversation he showed me three wonderful old adverts we did for previous clients Graça wine and Lion Matches. The Graça Wine ads are from 1983 when the wine first launched, and the Lion Matches ad is from 1975. Enjoy.

Credits: Copywriter: Roger Makin, Creative Director: Brian Searle-Tripp

4 Replies to “Classic Graça & Lion matches ads from Ogilvy & Mather RS-TM”

  1. I love that Lion matches ad. Please could you post another classic one (I think it’s part of this campaign as I remember it looking the same)…which has a picture of a burnt out match with the immortal line “He gave his all to make the world a brighter place”. Genius.

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