Ogilvy South Africa joins Google+ Brand Pages

The above new video from Google helps explain how Google+ is helping to personalise search. Before the end of last year we decided to launch a brand page on Google+ for Ogilvy South Africa, in order to try it out and get used to the platform (Click here to view our Ogilvy Google+ page). As it’s still early days we weren’t expecting much to be honest, however within 2 days our new Google+ page was popping up near the top of relevant search results.

While this is mostly very good news, especially for new and smaller brands looking to rank higher on search, it also means if you decide to start your own page remember to keep it up to date in order to stay relevant and not look lazy.

For more on Google+ and its impact on social search go to http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/search-plus-your-world.html.

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