VW Polo Vivo: Live Large

43124rev VW POLO VIVO Park.indd

Above is one of our recent executions for VW’s new Polo Vivo range. A multi-tasking car for people with a multi-tasking lifestyle.

The first person to tell us how many people are in the ad (inc duplicates) gets a free invite for four people to our bar for free drinks any Friday of your choosing. Please answer in the comments section below this post.

Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz / Sergio Lacueva
Art Director: Yumna Sadan
Copywriter: Shameema Davids

5 Replies to “VW Polo Vivo: Live Large”

    1. Lisa, we do not know how you figured that one out so quick! we will be dropping you an email with an invite this morning! Congrats.

      FYI: The tricky ones are the chaps head in the pond, there is also a man and girl in a cat and chicken costume in the trees to the left in the far distance!

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