Ogilvy Cape Town Acts to Protect Our Rhinos: You Can Too

Ogilvy Cape Town has been working with The Wilderness Foundation on it’s Save the Rhino campaign which launched this May.

The foundation, believing that one of the keys to saving the rhino is an international outcry and change in the law regarding the importation of rhino horn into foreign countries, will be presenting a petition at the US congress on 19 September.

In a bid to get the attention of international governments, particularly those who have influence over China – the source of the demand – the petition will be taken to the highest governmental powers as the foundation lobbies governments to change laws regarding the importation of rhino horn into foreign countries.

Signing the petition is a quick and effective action that you can take to help protect our rhinos for future generations. Do so now! Click through here: http://wildernessfoundation.co.za/savetherhinos/

Not convinced? Here’s why you should:

Rhino Facts:

  • South Africa is custodian to over 80% of the world’s rhino.
  • In 2010 alone, 333 rhino were killed in South Africa by poachers for their horn. Already in 2011 over 149 rhino have been poached (one per day).
  • It has been proven that the horn has no medicinal value and is not a cure for cancer. However it is still sought after and mainly in the East.
  • The killing will only stop when the horror of it all is understood.

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