Forever Wild: YouTube Interventions

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Rhinos will be extinct within 10 years if they continue to be killed for their horns. The non-profit Forever Wild initiative, with zero budget, briefed us to raise awareness of the poaching issue and get people to sign an online petition that will be presented to the US Congress later this year.

People don’t seem to have even a minute for serious messages, yet they spend hours on frivolous online distractions.

For two weeks we created over 55 YouTube clips, remixed versions of each day’s most frivolous trending videos (and some all time classics). These Trojan Horses forced people who actively searched for these silly videos to confront the stark reality of how they were spending their time.

We knew we’d reach the conscience of some people, and piss off others. But the idea certainly touched a nerve. With $0 spent, signatures have so far increased by almost 300%. And it’s not over.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Art Director: Prabashan G. Pather
Copywriter: Sanjiv Mistry
Producer: Iris Vinnicombe
Social Media Manager: Chris Rawlinson
Production company: Platypus Productions

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  1. great campaign. proof point on how an undeniably great insight – however simple – will lead to a great piece of communication.

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