Ogilvy Interns Q&A: Kayli Levitan

thugtea pot               We get hundreds of applicants from people wanting to intern with us each year, but only a carefully chosen handful get to try out. Below is a Q&A we have started sending out to see what they think of life @OgilvyCT. We will be posting more of these over the coming weeks and months, and as a bonus we are giving away 2 tickets to our main Ogilvy Loeries Agency after party, an Ogilvy gift hamper, + huge respect to the intern that gets the most facebook “Likes” for their answers (Just click the “like” button above this post). Enjoy!

1. What is the most embarrassing thing that COULD happen to you at Ogilvy?

Getting locked in the toilet for the entire day. Dropping your lunch from the top floor to the bottom floor on to some important persons’ head. Or falling over a balcony.

2. What is the most embarrassing thing that HAS happened to you?

I was making tea and started chatting to someone in the kitchen. He mentioned that he was a writer and so we just spoke about work, I asked what school he went to, blah blah blah, etc etc… Later I found out he was actually a Creative Director.

3. Who are you most scared of/nervous to speak to?

I don’t really know who/what is on the top floor. But I feel like they/it would make me nervous.

4. When you tell people that you are interning at Ogilvy, how do they respond?

“Oh cool, I’ve heard of that place. Do you get lots of free stuff?”

5. If you could be anyone in the agency for one day, who would it be?

Whoever/whatever it is that’s on the top floor.

6. Do you take the lift or the stairs?

I take the lift. Unless I am following behind someone and they take the stairs. I’m not lazy, I just like lifts.

7. How many cups of tea/coffee have you been drinking per day?

On the first day I drank around 8 or 9 cups of coffee. Then I realised that I was probably going to overdose and never sleep again, so I swapped over to Rooibos tea. I’m still probably on around 9 cups a day though. I’m pretending that its healthy ‘coz its herbal.

8. What did you wear on your first day, and why?

High-waisted grey shorts, a ¾ sleeve black tucked in top, black tights and black riding boots with a denim jacket. My friend works at a magazine and I based what I thought people would wear at Ogilvy, on that. Biggest fear: Looking slutty.

9. What surprised you most about working at Ogilvy?

There is a better relationship between suits and creatives then I had expected. Actually this goes for all the departments, people seem to get on (for the most part) very well. Also, I kept having to remind myself that the work we were doing was real. So if the budget said R20,000, there was no way I was going to be able to convince anyone that a giant billboard on top of Table Mountain was a good idea. Darn.

10. If you were offered a job at Ogilvy, but you had to run naked up and down the stairs first, would you do it?

I would do it naked and on my hands, whilst singing “Nelly the Elephant” and juggling balls of fire with my feet. Nah, actually I wouldn’t. Being naked in front of your co-workers just doesn’t feel like a great first impression.

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