Action Cricket: Battle of the Brands 2011

Red Foxes in Action Against SaatchiTeam Ogilvy Cape Town

After a highly successful Battle of the Brands Indoor Cricket triumph in 2010 the Ogilvites of 2011, a.k.a The Stereo Foxes, had high expectations for this year’s prestigious event. On paper, the team seemed unbeatable, packed with a rather lively bunch of okes, and one strong ladyRed Foxes, all fuelled by Carling. We began the day on a bit of an unfamiliar note. The opposition, thanks to a few early season imports, had definitely upped their game, so much so that we found ourselves on the receiving end of a rather fiery hiding in the opening game, similar to the one dished out by Your Mother last year.

This year’s competition was made up of the following teams: Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Jupiter Drawing Room, Hirt & Carter, Young & Rubicam, King James, 99c, and Salient. On the field the day was comprised of lots of silly run outs, carpet burns, great bowling performances, and a hell of a lot of push-ups for every opposition wicket that was taken-this all equating to a grand total of about 540 or at least according toTeam Ogilvy fans Jason Yankelowitz ( our on board team medic).

All in all the day was an extremely festive one, and although we didn’t retain the cup, we did however walk away with the best supporter’s award, making it quite clear to everyone there that the spirit that buzzes within Ogilvy is irreplaceable.

Congratulations to Hirt and Carter who were the Champions for 2011, and many thanks to Salient for organising a hum dinger of a day! Revenge will be sweet next year!

Report by official unofficial team captain Scott Maxwell.Scott Maxwell

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