Jotz of Gotz: Cannes Part 6

ChrisChris Gotz

Been there. Done that. 

Well, it’s all over folks. In what can hardly be described as a glittering ceremony, the organizers of Cannes Lions awarded the last remaining Grand Prix’s to the lucky, fist pumping few. And boy did they whip through those Lions. In a desperate attempt to get through 3 full categories, plus the various other odds and sods, the Silvers and Bronzes were rolled on the screen as simple title credits. No work was shown other than Golds. And they literally flung those out. If they could have fired them at the recipients with a crossbow they would have. Pity really, not seeing all the work that won. What we did see was really fabulous though.

Looking back over my predictions I didn’t do to badly. Nike "Write the future" got the Film Grand Prix. The Puma Social spot got a well deserved Craft Grand Prix. The first ever effectiveness Grand Prix went to the Walker’s "Sandwich" activation, which makes me happy, always loved it. Integrated went to Decode JayZ with Bing by Droga 5, who also got Independent Agency of the year. So we had Dave Droga bouncing up and down onto the stage like, well, like Dave Droga really.

The Titanium Jury decided not to award a Grand Prix, as if to underline their ever so discriminating pickiness. There was more than enough good work to go around. Tell you about that in a mo. I must admit that there is a tendency at this specific awards show for some of the judges to act as if they are giving away the Nobel Prize. This earnest and soul searching quest for worthiness is, quite frankly, a load of horse poo. We are in the persuasion business. We are, in the evolutionary chain, not very far away from the man who knocks on your door with a suitcase full of brushes. We sell stuff. We are looking for new, fresh ways to do it, and heaven knows there are lots of them. Yes, advertising can change the world, but sometimes it’s ok just to sell lots of breakfast cereal with a good joke.

OK. Here are some things to look at on Mostly from the Titanium and Integrated Category, some from film too. Some are funny, some are (as if to completely refute and contradict my earlier point) unbelievably inspiring, some are sad and some are just rollicking visual hayrides. 

"Concert Milk" for the Concert Hall Dortmund. By the clever people at Jung Von Matt.

"The last text" by BBDO NY for AT&T.

"Ready to work" for Levi’s by Wieden and Kennedy Portland.

"The ripple effect" for the Transport Accident Commission from Grey Melbourne. You will cry.

"Born of fire" for Chrysler by the irritatingly brilliant Wieden and Kennedy Portland.

"Rear view girls" for Levi’s by Colenso BBDO Auckland. You will laugh.

"Balloons" for MTV by Loducca Sao Paulo. How could that get just a bronze ?

Finally, my favourite campaign of the whole show, maybe because I am a daddy.

The UNICEF campaign "Kitchen, Family, Kids" by Lowe Indonesia.

Ok. They have called my flight. Thanks for reading, if you’ve been reading (although if you hadn’t, then you wouldn’t be, if you know what I mean).

Client of the year last night was IKEA. The founder of the company was quoted last night. He said something that will stick with me. It is something that will give me hope. Maybe you will find it useful too.

"Remember that most things are still to be done."


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