Jotz of Gotz: Cannes Part 2

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Our Man in Cannes: Musings from Ogilvy Cape Town’s ECD Chris Gotz

Monday morning.

I was late for Malcolm Gladwell, which meant the auditorium was full when I arrived. So, instead I got to see Malcolm Gladwell in the second-prize-for-people-who-are-late auditorium. Malcolm appeared on a 20 m high HD screen and he did not look good. HD is destined to die as a format if famous people ever discover how awful they look in their unadorned, ultra-close-up glory.

Malcolm spoke about the importance of being not first, but third. This of course interests me because we come 3rd in Ad of the Month all the time. Anyhow, turns out that he was talking about how the people who come up with stuff first are hardly ever the ones who really get the rewards. I feel a new book coming on, Malcolm.

Of course, the real story of day 1 was the horde of Shortlists that came out this morning and then the awards ceremony tonight. Yeeehaaa for Ogilvy Joburg who picked up a Bronze Lion in the Promo Awards for POWA. Other SA winners were Joe Public for their Rock 4 Aids work (Silver). I ended up sitting next to the Exec CD of Ogilvy North America. Always wary of someone with an entire continent in their job title, I tried my best to come across as a terribly fascinating person. Not sure if it worked.

South Africa once again dominated the radio category with nearly a quarter of the Shortlists. I’m not sure if that means we are really good at radio or that no-one else is interested. Radio, Outdoor and Media Lions ceremony is tomorrow night. Hopefully we convert a few more Shortlists.

I have just returned from a lavish dinner (3 largish prawns with rice = price of small second-hand car) with the members of the print jury. The invitation came courtesy of my friend Karin who was the SA print judge. Ended up sitting next to the Exec CD of Almap BBDO Sao Paulo, which, for those of you who’ve been locked in a cupboard for the last 5 years, is widely regarded as the best agency on the planet. For the second time in a day I found myself having to come across as incredibly fascinating. It’s getting a bit much.

So, work that stood out today.

Have a look at the Coke "Friendship machine" by our very own Ogilvy Argentina(who were crowned Direct agency of the year). It’s a wonderful piece. Also check out "Spread the Tedx" by Ogilvy Sao Paulo. Then there was 4th Amendment wear which was very smart and quite iwishihaddonethat-ish. Personally I thought the 2 Grand Prix that were given out to the Romanian chocolate bar were really bad choices. Go and have a look for yourselves, maybe you’ll see something I didn’t.

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