Gleaming The Cube

In support of CANSA’s 8th Shavathon, Ogilvy Cape Town got in on the action and brought our own special creative flavour to the day. Setting an example and promoting the event, a few employees volunteered to be sheared ahead of time and gave give up their locks for the creation of promotional posters and a unique, hand-crafted hair font that went viral in minutes.

Luckily, some guys are not too precious about their hair, so when they were asked to cut it off in order to help create promotional posters for the Ogilvy Shavathon, they were more than happy to do so. Each volunteer was featured in his own poster and his collected hair was painstakingly positioned and used as the font.

Video footage and the completed posters found their way online and this resulted in Ogilvy Shavathon becoming a trending topic on Twitter in Cape Town as well as coverage in several blogs and online magazines including GQ.





More importantly, however, the main event, held at our beloved Buzz, was a success and several thousands of rands were raised in support of the CANSA foundation.

Thanks to all those involved for a fantastic initiative.

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