Digital Expansion

Traditional advertising agencies have had to reinvent with the push towards digital integration and the use of social media across campaigns. Ogilvy Cape Town is leading the way with its new specialist division, Record Edit Create or R.E.C – a video production service.

Headed up by Mike Wood, formally of Big Mouth Productions, R.E.C’s main focus is on creating digital video content for new media platforms. Offering a full spectrum of video production services from conception to finished post production, Ogilvy Cape Town’s clients will feel the benefits of a quicker turn-around time and tighter control over the final product.

The new video requirement is quick, cost effective and does not compromise on creativity. Fostered by increasing bandwidth and rapid development in technology, video is currently experiencing a revival. Content linked across social media platforms and cell phones, has increased the viral spread and rapid infiltration amongst viewers and, with this revival, the term ‘content is king’ has never been more true.

“The growth of the social web and mobile is mothering the rebirth of video, add to this client’s needs for a more cost effective production offering and it makes sense that we launch the service,” comments managing director, Gavin Levinsohn. Pioneering the field for traditional advertising agencies, Ogilvy Cape Town is among one of the first in the country to offer this type of a digital content production.

Integrated into advertising campaigns, digital video clips can provide consumers with a deepened relationship to a product or service. Whether uploaded onto YouTube or a client’s website, video clips have become an essential component in building consumer relationships with brands, as well as a valuable corporate communications tool.

“Never before has there been a need for video to be such an integral part of marketing strategies. This new venture allows agency staff and clients the opportunity to create content efficiently and affordably. And what better place to kick this off than the mother city?” says Wood.

R.E.C’s services are not limited to social media use, but corporate brand videos and commercials too and will be available to existing Ogilvy clients, new clients and other agencies not yet offering the service.