Today is the day!

We’ve been waiting for this day for a really long time…

It’s almost time to let your hair down and celebrate making it through 2015 with your sanity intact (well…)

A few reminders about the soirée this evening:

  1. Collect your wristbands from Fiona today. No wristband, no entry.
  2. You can leave the agency at 14:00 today to get yourself ready for the party (as long as you have all your sh*t done)
  3. The party starts at 17:30 sharp at Buena Vista Social Café (12 Upper Portswood Road, Greenpoint), thereafter we will be moving on to Casablanca
  4. You can arrive to work tomorrow at 10am



What to expect:

-People doing the jitterbug

-People crying because they made it


-Music from the future!

-People saying “If you steal my hat one more time I will be serving you a knuckle sandwich, you knucklehead :)”


-A lot of wise guys

See you later for a boogy!